VH Round Table (August 2023)

Join us at VH1 for the VH Round Table on August 2, 2023, in Las Vegas, NV. This premier event unites entrepreneurs, investors, and community builders in a vibrant discussion space. Dive deep into deal flows, societal impact, and fostering community. Shape the future of startup culture with Venture Venues. #VHRoundTable2023 #VentureVenues #LasVegasStartups
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Venture Haus #1
Aug 1, 2023 5:00 PM
Event Type
Round Table Event (Invite Only)
395 E Wigwam Ave
Las Vegas
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Big TB
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We are excited to welcome you to the VH Round Table scheduled for August 2nd, a distinctive congregation fostering the heartbeat of entrepreneurial spirit in Las Vegas, NV. Hosted at the prestigious VH1 — short for VentureHaus 1 — this gathering seeks to bring together the brightest minds in the startup ecosystem comprising entrepreneurs, investors, and community builders.

Venue: VH1 (VentureHaus 1)

VH1 is a hub dedicated to entrepreneurship, crafted to cultivate a vibrant community of venture builders and investors. It is a space that facilitates growth, collaboration, and groundbreaking initiatives that are set to reshape the business landscape.

Main Talking Points

1. Deal Flow

  • Collaborative Opportunities: Delve into potential collaborations as we facilitate an environment ripe for nurturing significant business deals, where your startup can find the right partners and investors.
  • Startup Showcase: Leverage this platform to showcase your innovative solutions and products, and to interact with potential stakeholders, setting a foundation for enduring partnerships.

2. Impact

  • Future-Oriented Discussions: Engage in deep discussions aiming at spotting future trends and generating strategies to build impactful solutions.
  • Sustainable Endeavors: Explore avenues to build a business model rooted in sustainability, aiming for a holistic impact that spans beyond financial gains.

3. Community

  • Building a Robust Network: Forge meaningful connections with a community that shares a vision of growth and innovation.
  • Collaborative Spirit: Be part of a collaborative ecosystem, where diverse perspectives converge to foster learning and mutual growth, epitomizing the very spirit of the Venture Venues community.

Next Steps

As we gear up for this promising event, here’s what we are focused on:

  • Interactive Sessions: Crafting a series of interactive sessions that will foster dialogue and collaborative learning.
  • Expert Insights: Inviting industry experts and seasoned entrepreneurs to share their journeys and provide actionable insights.
  • Community Building: Setting a stage for you to share your vision with like-minded creators, laying down the pathways for future collaborations and communal growth.


Your presence in the community has marked you as a pivotal player in shaping the future of our city and beyond. It’s your energy and vision that makes you an invaluable part of this journey towards creating a substantial impact.

The Vision

We envision the Venture Haus properties as instrumental platforms to facilitate networking and deal-making, aiming to create a network that helps individuals in our community connect and grow. This event is a step in the righteous path of working collectively towards a brighter future for Las Vegas and beyond.

Join Us

Mark your calendar and gear up to share and synchronize your visions with other creators, entrepreneurs, and investors, as we step forward to serve the community in unison. This is more than an event; it is a collaborative force steering towards greater heights. Let us come together this August 2nd, to forge paths of opportunities and spearhead initiatives that echo with potential and promise.

We eagerly await the confluence of great minds, as we envision a future of collaborative success, this Wednesday, Aug 2nd at VH1.

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